Dining options less than 5 minutes away

Tourist Apartment in the centre of Valladolid

Valladolid is a city with an incredible gastronomic culture. Many of its restaurants and bars offer visitors a wide variety of options so that visitors can enjoy an unbeatable meal.

Maybe you prefer to have a snack, or maybe you prefer to sit down in a nice restaurant with an incredible menu. Whatever your choice, next to the Juan de Herrera flat you will find some of the best places to eat in Valladolid. Here are some ideas for you to choose the one that best suits your tastes. 

La carcava

Taberna La Cárcava

Tasty tapas and snacks in a tavern with a real tavern atmosphere, friendly service, a cheerful spirit and efficient service. The small size of the premises, far from being a drawback, helps even more to create a very special atmosphere, in which conversations intertwined with the hustle and bustle of the waiters and those who congregate there create a relaxed atmosphere that invites you to enjoy those good times that we like so much in a bar.

Los ilustres

Los ilustres

From the heart of Valladolid and based on the product and the roots of our proximity, Los Ilustres Restaurant was born. Located between Cascajares Street and the Cathedral of Valladolid, right in the centre of Valladolid and in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the city, with an enviable range of restaurants and shops.

La cacatúa

La cacatúa

There is a legend circulating in Valladolid about a wild place where glu glu run, yum yum jump and bla bla grow next to the cathedral. A place full of mystery that holds a great treasure: its raw materials. A paradise where sommeliers caress bottles, chefs tame wild beasts and spaces mutate and transform at will. A new world of light, sound and FLAVOUR.

Restaurante El Majao de Sebi

Mostly traditional cuisine, among which we highlight its daily stews. In other words, what is known as “cuchareo”. These include potatoes with chanterelles, peas, black chickpeas with squid. Other specialities include octopus leg with fruit vinaigrette, vegetable escalivada with fried eels and ham and, above all, sirloin steak with foie and puff pastry.

Alquimia Valladolid

Alquimia Valladolid

Disruption and a lot of madness in a totally new concept of cuisine in Valladolid. In one of the best enclaves of the capital, next to Santa María de la Antigua, you will be surprised by our gastronomic proposal with an international vision, paired with a wide variety of wines. Haute cuisine close to everyone.


Elote Mexican Grill

Mexican Experiencie in the heart of Valladolid
You are just one step away from discovering the best Mexican Grill flavour.
Create your own combination with all the ingredients you want.
At Elote Mexican Grill we make it very easy for you. 

Le Bistró

Le Bistró

Discover our selection of international cuisine and cheese fondues.
If you prefer vegetarian food, we have a menu for you. Get ready to discover the flavours that can be achieved in the absence of meat or fish.
There’s no need to worry if you have coeliac disease: we have some of the tastiest gluten-free dishes.

Señorita Malauva

Vinoteca Señorita Malauva

At our premises you will be able to select the wine you want to buy or taste.
This is just the tip of an iceberg that encompasses a multitude of activities such as the routes we have talked about, tastings, courses, presentations and all the ideas that our customers provide us with and that link up with the Malauva idea.

If you’re running late, you also have the option of kebap almost on the flat’s doorstep : Saboor Doner Kebab